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Fully Automatic 5L 10L Water Oil Bottle Handle Sleeve Machine

  • UT-2
  • U TECH

Machines details:

Product structure and function

Main structure: the machine mainly consists of lifting part, processing ring part, transmission ring part, pressure ring part and electrical control part.

Functions of each part


1) lifting part: this part consists of hopper, lifting chain, motor, discharge port and bottom frame.The lifting ring is poured into the hopper by the person, and then the motor drives the lifting chain to lift the lifting ring a little bit to the vibrating disc ring machine.The amount of lift is controlled by the photoelectric switch in the ring trimmer.


2) rivet part: this part includes bracket, guardrail, vibration plate and ring outlet.The lifting ring that comes out of the material outlet of the hoisting machine falls into the vibration plate.


3) conveying ring: the conveying belt of this part is mounted on the conveying bracket, and the conveying belt is driven forward by the conveying motor. When the lifting ring comes out from the ring-straightener and falls onto the conveying belt, it is transported forward to the entrance of the lifting ring and stopped at the entrance by the clamping clamp to wait for the bottle to be pulled.The conveyor belt keeps rotating, ensuring that the lifting ring is pulled off one after another timely in place.This part is equipped with a missing ring control photoelectric switch and a full ring control photoelectric switch. The missing ring control photoelectric switch ensures that the bottle cannot pass under the condition of missing ring, so as to avoid the situation that the bottle cannot press the lifting ring.The full loop control photoelectric switch is when the number of rings to a certain extent, the ring-trimmer will not output the rings, so as to avoid squeezing the rings on the conveyor belt.


4) pressure ring: this part is responsible for pressing the ring pulled by the bottle into the mouth of the bottle. The lifting ring sent by the ring conveyor line stops at the entrance of the lifting ring.Press the lifting ring to the specified position through the pressure ring slideway


Technical parameters:

Main Machine size


Complete set size

3500×2200×2000(mm) (can be design)





Suit bottle size

Diameter Φ120~Φ200 mm, height280350 mm

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