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Automatic vacuum leak tester

  • UT-4
  • U TECH

Products Character

1.Operates easily: one-botton leaking tests automatically, the text demonstrats leak testing information, the defective products reject the production line automatically.

2. Constructs firmly: The steel plate works fuselage, the fluctuation place unifies the guide pillar and the lead screw.

3. The leak testing precision is high, the speed is quick: using the high accuracy digital pressure sensing index error is to press the leak testing, the laser probe head.

4. The price advantage: our leak testing machine is considered today on the field of plastic container for leak testing amchine most to have the performance-to-price ratio, obtained the test and confirmation from the global customers in the past several years.

1. Overall size:


2. Weight:


3. Power supply:

220V, 50Hz;

4. Air pressure:


5. Testing time:


6. Leakage measurement precision:

0.3mm A needle

7.Suitable container height:     


8. Suitable container width:


9. Leak volume:


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