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Moving Blow molding machine business to the expanded facility

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For any business to thrive, there is a need for a more convenient environment. This could be in the form of a move to a rather spacious facility or plant. This comes with lots of advantages for the business. For example, an expanded facility will accommodate manufacturing, engineering, house sales as well as other service personnel. It will also accommodate more room for classroom-style training, pilot production, and machine development. To make it much more convenient for the said company, customers and vendors, and the supply partners, there will be easier access to air and rail transportation. This is quite essential for the growth, expansion and overall improvement in the entire business.

As a customer, you want to choose a partner that can guarantee a stable and continuous quality of PET bottles and containers. With the help of advanced production lines, manufacturers should be able to meet virtually all customer requirements. In addition, we regularly invest in the newest injection stretch blow molding machines, in automation, and in inspection equipment. By applying the LEAN production philosophy and Sigma 6 projects, improvement of the production process is also guaranteed.

High-quality feedstocks

The same approach is reflected in the selection, purchasing, inspection and use of feedstocks and additives. Suppliers are regularly reviewed and subject to audits. There is a need to carry out strict inspections on incoming goods and during the production process, we make sure that our products comply with agreements made with our customers. There is also a need for long-term relationships with leading suppliers of PET and other feedstocks. There is always sufficient material of adequate quality to rapidly produce and supply your packaging.

Let’s now look at other important activities in the blow molding machine facility; the Pet packaging:

3 Steps to Perfect Pet Packaging

PET Power mainly uses the ISBM production technique (Injection Stretch Blow molding). The largest part of the production is produced using a single-stage technique. In this technique, a single machine produces both the preform and the final PET bottle or container. This method is highly suitable for both small and larger series. The process is divided into three steps.


Step 1: the preform

The PET granulate (feedstock) is dried. It then goes through a screw-shaped cylinder in the dryer into the machine. During transport, granulates are heated, which results in liquid PET. In normal PET, the glass-like clarity occurs at this stage. Where required, coloring agents are added to obtain colored material. The liquid mass is subsequently injected into the first mold: the so-called preform mold. This way, the neck of the bottle or container will get the exact right size and the entire bottle or container will get the right weight, in one go.


Step 2: the final form

The preform will now get a high-precision sprayed neck. Subsequently, the preform is placed on a rotary table and moved to the next station. In a number of machines, this is a station for conditioning this preform in order to further optimize the temperature profile, for example. In other machines, this preform is moved directly to the blowing station. The blow mold gives the preform its final shape by blowing and stretching the flexible part below the neck. A rod-like blow pin is inserted to stretch the material towards the bottom. The blowing technique ensures that the PET is pressed against the sides of the blow mold, which can result in all sorts of shapes and patterns.


Step 3: the finished product

In this step, the product is moved to the last station in the blow molding machine. A unit places the PET bottle or container on a conveyor belt for the final check for leakage; this is the last step before the packaging phase. Sometimes a visual check is carried out as well, and optionally an additional visual check with a camera. The checks are related to the customer’s specific requirements. After this, the finished products are packed in boxes or on pallets. PET Power affixes the codes for storage and shipment.

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