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Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Liquid Filling Machine

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The liquid filling machine can fill several thousand packs per hour. These rates must, however, be achieved within the constraints of accuracy, cleanliness of the assay, and possibly precise specifications: dust, acids or bases. In addition to the factors to keep in mind while choosing the right liquid filling machine, we will answer several questions such as; how do these devices work, the pitfalls to avoid as well as the advantages of some manufacturers.

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- The Movement and speed

Continuous kinetics filling is filling a moving package. Generally used on rotating machines, continuous kinetics machines allow a strong increase of the rate by suppressing the transfer times of the step by step. To achieve continuous kinetic motion on rotating machines including onboard load cells, it is necessary to use energy transmission and contactless information systems. Traditional "brush" systems have been replaced by short-range power transmission systems, which are more reliable and less complex to implement.

- The synchronization of the movements.

The use of servomotors (also called "brushless motors") and axis controllers makes it possible to synchronize cam movements. More expensive than asynchronous motors, they are much more accurate and incorporate absolute encoders.

- Real-time communication. 

A high speed filling machine is generally located in a complete packaging line. To optimize the conditioning of the line, these machines can be equipped with communication modules with a supervision system.

Pitfalls to avoid

- The changes of complex formats. 

Some equipment requires careful adjustments during format changes. As a result, experienced operators will be indispensable on the packaging line. It is therefore preferable to choose format change systems without tools or adjustments. They are called Plug & Play systems (place & use).

- The tedious disassembly of the parts in contact. 

A high speed filling machine has a large number of mechanical elements. If the builders are looking for quality of dosage, many forget the simplicity of disassembly. Thus, some equipment may have disassembly times exceeding half an hour see the time. This is why it is important to specify in the specifications the disassembly times of the parts in contact.


- Industry 4.0. 

The development of smart factories has led to a significant increase in productivity, flexibility and lower energy and raw material costs. Choosing a filling machine with the ability to record and transmit hundreds of production and maintenance data in real time also prepares for its transition into the industry of the future.

- Remote maintenance.

Some manufacturers offer enclosures for a secure remote connection. Remote maintenance makes it possible to increase the reactivity of the manufacturer in the event of difficulties and thus to reduce the cost of a line stop. Moreover, with remote maintenance, in 9 out of 10 cases, the movement of a technician is no longer necessary. To set up remote maintenance, the arrival of the internet on the machine will be necessary.

- The trend return systems. 

In the case of volumetric filling, the addition of a communicating a dynamic weighing system connected to the high-speed filling machine makes it possible to adjust the dosage in real time for better precision and regularity.

Choosing a liquid filling machine is a strong commitment. It can integrate into the evolution of a packaging line in a 4.0 plant. To maximize the chances of success of the project, it is therefore necessary to have a global vision of the installation. Finally, prefer to work in partnership with experienced builders on a precise specification.

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