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Common Faults of Barreled Water Filling Machine and Their Treatment Methods

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Presently, the most commonly used equipment in the pure water production process is the barreled water filling machine. It is also the most widely applied desalination tech in the production of high purity water.

Just like every other equipment used in the production process, the barreled water filling machine has some common faults. This could arise as a result of consistent usage of the device. Pure water filling machinery is made up of the pressure vessel, instrument, dosing metering pump assembled. These assembly devices can solve the common problems that arise when making water purification.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the common faults of the water filling machine.

We would start with the cylinder. The cylinder may develop some faults after a long time of usage. The positioning may become an issue over time. But when this happens, it needs to be replaced or reinstalled in position.

Sometimes, the material of the cylinder piston and the sealing ring may become damaged. When this happens, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Again, the cylinder piston and the piston rod may have the lock loose. However, it has to be fixed as soon as possible with the replacement of the damage with a new lock.

The water filling machine can also be used in the beverage industry. Due to the production of a wide variety of products by this beverage filling machine, there may be a failure of the running parts. This may lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the machine and a negative effect in the entire production process.

However, to avoid any such negative effect on the production process and the entire water production business, it is important that the machine is fixed as soon as possible. This is quite important to avoid any decrease in the quality of the product as well as an increase in the production cost.

Below is a summary of the common faults associated with the barrel water filling machine for your reference:

Fault in the speed of the filling machine. In some cases, the speed at which the machine fills the bottles becomes drastically reduced. However, when this happens, all that is required is to adjust the filling speed of the throttle valve. This can be done by throttling down the valve to increase the filling speed of the barrel water filling machine.

Again, there may be damage in the sealing ring and the nozzle becomes jammed. This is another issue that may occur due to prolonged usage of the filling machine. When this occurs, it is important to replace the old filling nozzle with a new one. All of the clamps, the leather buckle can be sealed, if there is please correct; the magnetic switch is not loose, please lock the amount of time after the adjustment.

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