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U Tech: 2017 company trip to Hainan

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In 28, October, 2017, ZHANGJIAGANG u tech foreign sales department have a trip to HAINAN in china. The first day, we went to rain forest, and enjoy the wonders of nature. We also travel to SANYA eternal love valley, and have a warmly feeling of love. The second day, we play with bench activities, such as diving, airship, sea bike and tour around the island. The last day of the journey, we went to temple, and pray that our water filling machine have a bright development. Through outdoor expansion and exchange, not only enriched our amateur life, but also enhance the communication and collaboration between departments, but also reflects the harmony of the surplus, to share a win-win culture.

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During the three day itinerary, we are always shrouded in a harmonious and warm atmosphere. We also made a summary about our past 6 mouths’ work. All of our team set a goal of next 6 mouths. exchange ideas and enhance feelings, this trip to everyone left a very deep impression. The trip allows everyone to experience that part of the work outside the affection and touched, I realized that we are a harmonious team, to understand the warmth.
With a full load of joy, Zhangjiagang u tech in 2017 team building tour successfully completed, meticulous aftertaste of this trip left at the same time, we must start preparations for a new round of work. I believe everyone will be more energetic and enthusiasm into work! Fighting!
Our holiday is finished, and you have any product questions, please contact us as soon as possible. Our 20 liter water bottle filling machine may be you best choice.

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