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The beverage can also be so hot filling!

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More and more varieties of beverages - ice tea, functional beverages, mineral water, lemonade, fruit juice, etc. For beverage manufacturers, not only concerned about which consumers will eventually buy products, but also need to look for forward-looking cooperation Partners - bottling plant, then the bottling plant is how to fill the beverage?
U Tech Machine is particularly suitable for fruit juice containing fruit juice filling, usually such beverages can not use the traditional PET bottle line for production processing. It is necessary to ensure that no sensitive pulp pulp is damaged during the filling process, whilst also ensuring low batching tolerances.
In order to solve this dilemma, U Tech Machine developed a production line, using two high-precision filling machine. First, pulp and a small amount of fruit juice, such as filling the first bottle, followed by adding the remaining juice.
The entire filling process involves the so-called hot filling, where the juice filling liquid is heated to above 100 ° C, and when the filling is cooled to 83 ° C, a specially designed bottle can be prepared. In order to withstand the bottling temperature of 80 ℃ -90 ℃, the bottle need to use stretch blow molding, it has a high thermal stability and crystallinity.
Heating can kill microorganisms, to ensure product health, shelf life is longer.

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