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Plate sterilizer(UHT)


Technicals: 5℃→65℃(homogenizer)→137℃(3-5S)→20℃-25℃. This UHT system adopts ultra high heat treatment to sterilize the liquid dairy products, tea drink and juice for the the aseptic filling production; the sterilize temperature is 137℃ holding for 3~5S,by this procedure to remain the nature nutrition and flavor of the milk and juice;
This machine has the following characteristics: high heat reuse efficiency, tight structure design fine looking and temperature control well etc; discharge temperature of this machine can be self controlled so it is available for the hot filling procedure and meanwhile for aseptic cold filling;



Model Production temperature Holding
Sterilize temperature Product outlet temperature Icewater inlet temperature Steam 
Steam consumption Compressed air pressure  Compressed air consumption External 
Total weight of machine
LG-UHT-1 1000 5℃  4-15 105~143℃ 20 ℃ ≤2℃ 0.5MPa ~150Kg/h 0.6MPa 50L/H 3500×2000×2500 1700kg
LG-UHT-2 2000 5℃ 4-15 105~143℃ 20 ℃ ≤2℃ 0.5MPa ~210Kg/h 0.6MPa 50L/H 3500×2000×2500 2000Kg
LG-UHT-3 3000 5℃ 4-15 105~143℃ 20 ℃ ≤2℃ 0.5MPa ~280Kg/H 0.6MPa 60L/H 4500×2500×2200 2200Kg
LG-UHT-4 4000 5℃ 4-15 105~143℃ 20 ℃ ≤2℃ 0.5MPa ~350Kg/h 0.6MPa 60L/H 5000×2000×2200 2500Kg
LG-UHT-5 5000 5℃ 4-15 105~143℃ 20 ℃ ≤2℃ 0.5MPa ~420Kg/h 0.6MPa 70 L/H 5000×2000×2200 2800kg

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