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Nigeria Exhibition Showed the perfect ending

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From 19th -21th of September, 2017, Zhangjiagang u tech machinery participated in the Nigeria Exhibition (West Africa 2017) with professional sales team staff. The products We mainly showed are filling machine series. Such as mineral water filling machine, CSD drinking filling machine, glass bottle juice filling machine,  water bottle filling machine and so on. And the most excited reward for us we make Cooperation with customer who was satisfied with our professional explanation. They ordered bottle blowing machine which valued USD 45000 and injection moulding machine.
Nigeria Exhibition

Below is bottle blowing machine detailed diameter.

Bottle application
Foods、oil、carbonated drinks, mineral water, alcohol, medicine, chemical, tennis ball jar and all kinds of bottles.
Machine Features
1.Linear construction transports perform for heating and bottle forming
2.Upgrade production capacity
3.Upgrade power efficiency
4.Simplified operation by MMI control panel
5.Modular design facilitates maintenance
6.Save investment and enhance capacity
7.Minimum space  
If you have any questions about bottle blowing machine, Please contact us :info@utechmachine.com, we will reply you as soon as possible.
Nigeria, with its largest population in Africa, and its fast growing and dynamic economy, is one of the future stars in the world which today attracts exporters and investors from all over the world. There is a huge demand for the fashion and ready-to-wear garment industries in the country which is unreluctant to trade all kind of products.Actually Nigeria is one of main trade country for U tech’s African market, we have many customers at here. Every past years we attended the exhibition and visited our old customers and friends. And next exhibition we will see it again.

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