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FAQ for opp labeling machine glue

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Due to the varieties of glue, equipment, technology and the environment factors, probably you will meet some problems during use the machine, here you will find some advice:
Strength drawing of glue
1.The operating temperature is too low
Generally, the recommended temperature is 130℃ to 150℃. When it happens strength drawing with the glue, you could adjust the temperature of glue tank and roller within 130℃ to 150℃. But the temperature shouldn’t be much higher, otherwise, it could cause the stable of glue and label wrinkle.
2.Temperature of glue tank not warm enough
The glue tank should be pre-heated before open the machine, to ensure it can reach the standard temperature.
3.Affected by debris
If there are label fragments and debris on the glue roller or vacuum drum, it will be caused glue drawing.
4.The excess gluing
If the label was excess glued, it also will be caused glue drawing.
5.Low temperature
If the operating temperature is lower, the temperature of glue will be easy to higher viscosity and leads to the glue drawing. So you should adjust the temperature higher.
6.High viscosity of the glue
If the glue is high viscosity, although you have adjusted the temperature, gluing and the temperature advisor, still can’t solve the drawing problem.At this time, you should change the glue.
Labeling wrinkle
1.The operating temperature is too high
The main reason of labeling wrinkle is the higher temperature, you should adjust it to the recommended scope.
2.Excess gluing
If the label was excess glued, it also can cause labeling wrinkle.
3.The label material
Label thickness, temperature, and other factors also related to the labeling wrinkle.
4.Wrong position of the labeling roller
If the labeling roller on the vacuum drum has a wrong position, it is in the higher position than others, it will be caused the label and the roller to tighten to labeling.
Bad paste
1.Less gluing
If the label is not gluing enough, it will hard to label the products.The glue tape on the vacuum drum may cause less gluing.
2.High temperature of glue tank
As the glue tank keeps the high temperature in a long time, the glue will excessive oxidative and damage. Thus the viscosity will be decreased, especially the low-temperature resistance also will be greatly undermined.
3.The glue hasn't been added in time 
Normally the hot melt glue should keep the level of volume range to 1/2 or 2/3, in order to avoid the shortage of glue in the glue tank. So how should we add the glue in time? The best method is to add the glue many times, each time with small quantity glue. To do this, we could keep the stable of the glue, also it could keep the volume of glue in a reasonable rage.
4.Gluing position shift 
Due to the adjustment of equipment, it happens that the label has been wrong position gluing, and leads to the label can’t paste on the container.
5.Finished glue storage conditions finished products should be preserved in a good condition. If the products are exposed to sunshine or the cold dry environment, the poor storage conditions can push the glue aging, and reduce the vanity of the label.
6.Mixed with different kinds of hot melt glue: 
Due to the incompatible system is different between different kinds of hot melt glue, so if they have been mixed-use, it will decrease the viscosity than using it alone. 

Zhangjiagang U Tech Machine Co., Ltd is a automatic labeling machine manufacturer which has more than 15 experience. Hot melt glue labeling machine is one of our main products.

Blow are some advantages:
1.It is easy to adjust the label cutting knife
2.The vacuum drum is made of high rigid material  to minish friction and static
3.Rapid changeovers: modular design and quick release change parts have changeovers fast and easy in ten minutes
4.It is easy and accurate to use hand handle to adjust the position of cutting knife
5.The vacuum manifold at the lower part of drum and cutter is made of  heat & wear resistant material
6.The automatic label length controller can adjust the position of I-MARK

In a word, when you are ready to start a new project, you should pay more attention to every detail, because details determine the success.

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