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Buying carbonated beverage filling machine in china or India, which is better?

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As we know, India and china are two group of mighty competitors in the field of carbonated beverage manufacturing area all over the world. But how to choose?
Firstly, comparison economy between China and Indian
The economy of India is a developing mixed economy. India is classified as a newly industrialized country, in common sense of world citizen, most of them thought India is less developed than China, maybe it is true, but one size fits all decision is always incorrect, especially after the official report on Indian Filling Industry came up to the world. It is said high technology application in Indian carbonated beverage filling production process is going away bit by bit, because high-tech human sources, such as engineer in liquid filling,is running away to foreign countries. vice versa, Chinese high speedy economy has attracted a great many of high-tech human sources.Some of them are devoted to designing and producing carbonated soft drink filling machines.
Secondly, Unique development patterns of China carbonated drink filling machine manufacturers
China carbonated drink filling machine manufacturers are intensively located in zhangjiagang, Suchow City. As we all know, Sunan Model, feature of which is private enterprises rely on their own strength to develop township enterprises, government promise to afford all kinds of help. Thus, with the help of local government,overall cost beverage filling production process will be less,then those beverage filling equipment ,of course,will be sold with reasonable price.Plus high-tech application in production process, China beverage filling machines also have the reliable and high quality.
And here ,Buying carbonated beverage filling machine in china or India, I think it’s very clear.
According to the statistics, More than 166 billion litres of carbonated soft drinks (CSD) were consumed in 2014. This means that an average person drank almost 142 litres of carbonated soft drinks throughout the year. Around 40% of carbonates are packaged in PET, the same percentage as cans, and this is growing in popularity every year. Consumers like the convenience, re-sealability and recyclability, and liquid producers can appreciate the environmental and cost-saving benefits PET delivers. 

U-tech provide solution for the needs of CSD filling:
Flexibility and quick changeover
Beverage quality and consistency
Reducing CO2 consumption
Buying carbonated beverage filling machine, China is worthy choosing, Zhangjiagang u tech may be your best choice.


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