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Bottled Water Production Steps

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Water is a very sensitive product - on both microbiological and chemical levels. One of the main challenges of bottled water processing machinery is to consistently produce a quality product free of pathogenic organisms and protozoa that could taint its quality, reduce its shelf life, and be a pathogenic threat to customers. Strict production control is critical to avoid any contamination of pathogenic bacteria or protozoa. 

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While bottled water production processes differ by type of products and applications, the basic production process is the same and can be adapted to fit your specific requirements. 

Bottled Water Production Line:

Water Filtration

Your water must be free of any contaminants that will spoil its quality, reduce its shelf life, and be a pathogenic threat to consumers. 

Tank Venting

The air in the storage tank must be free of microorganisms to ensure that the water stored will not be contaminated. 


Carbonation is the step of adding carbon dioxide to a drink. It is used to produce sparkling water. The CO2 that you inject into your water must be free of particles and microorganisms. 

Bottle Blower and Bottle Washer

To maintain the quality of your drink and its shelf life, using a safe and reliable container is essential. 

The air used in the bottle blower to turn the pre-forms into the final PET bottle must be free of contaminants; its filtration ensures a bottle with low bioburden is produced. Bottle blowing is done during any process using PET bottles. The water used to rinse PET bottles must be free of contaminants; its filtration ensures good quality of the bottles prior to filling. 

Bottle Filler

Gas filtration can also be used during the filling process of carbonated drinks. In order for the filling to be possible, the filler bowl must be pressurized, and it is essential that the gas used is microbiologically stable.

To help you meet your challenges, Utech provides you with the tools, technologies, and solutions you need to make your process safer and more efficient every step of the way. 

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