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Aseptic filling technology helps the beverage manufacturers to create fresh and tasty drinks

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It is understood that under the backdrop of a sluggish economy, the food industry is facing a rosy situation with great potential in the development of the industry. The beverage industry as a major branch of food, its development has promoted the application and popularization of beverage equipment. As an important part of the beverage machine, the filling equipment plays an important role in the production and processing of beverages.

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Filling is the key process for most beverage production. Common methods of filling are typical secondary and primary filling methods, sometimes combined filling methods. According to professionals, the secondary filling method is a traditional filling method, but it is still being used, especially when the filling material contains the pulp component is more favorable. This method has the advantages of simple equipment and low investment, and is suitable for small and medium-sized beverage plants.

Compared with the secondary filling method, the advantages of the primary filling method are that the filling capacity is easy to control, the product quality is uniform, the gas content is easy to control and stable, and the disadvantage is that it is not suitable for filling with the flesh carbonated beverage, the equipment is complex, and the investment Large, the mixer is in contact with the syrup and washing and disinfecting are inconvenient. The combined filling makes up for the lack of a single filling method and can be adapted to the filling of pulped beverages in various combinations.

In addition to the filling method, beverage factory must also ensure the safety and hygiene of the product during the filling process and realize aseptic filling. This requires a very high filling process. According to the author's understanding, plant protein beverages are neutral beverages. The control of microorganisms during the production and filling process is extremely demanding, quality control requirements are high, technical difficulties are great, and management procedures are tedious. At the same time, higher requirements and standards have been put forward for the operational reliability of the filling equipment and the filling environment. The emergence of aseptic filling technology has solved the problem of microbes in the filling process.

According to industry experts, bottle filling and carton filling for fruit juice and other beverages are divided into aseptic hot filling and cold filling. Hot filling is to fill the bottle into the bottle at a temperature of about 90 degrees after high temperature sterilization. The bottle and lid are finally sterilized by the temperature of the material itself, but the aseptic filling method keeps the product at a high temperature for a long time. More damage to their nutritional content, taste.

The aseptic cold filling method, is to be ultra-high temperature sterilization products cooled to room temperature, in a sterile environment, filled with hydrogen peroxide after sterilization bottles or cartons. Compared with the former filling method, cold filling has little effect on the nutritional quality and taste of the product, and less PET material is used (the cost of packaging materials can be reduced by 1/2 to 1/3). However, It's about 1 times more. In general,  vegetable protein drinks, milk, bottled water, milk tea cartons and other pure drinks are basically cold filling.

Utech has been committed to the research and development of aseptic filling technology. Its aseptic hot filling machine, like mango juice filling machine helps users create a bottle of fresh, healthy, green, natural drinks.

With the rapid development of the beverage industry, coupled with the upgrading of consumption, the beverage industry has been forced to enter the high-quality development period. The beverage consumption market has increasingly improved the quality of beverages, and aseptic filling technology, especially aseptic cold filling technology in beverages. Production control of the role of microorganisms filling process has become increasingly prominent. It is believed that aseptic filling technology in the future has broad prospects and helps to create fresh and delicious beverages.

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