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Analysis of China Beverage Bottling Machine Industry Development

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China beverage bottling machine industry-overall demand is stable.
The quality and quantity is equally important. The china beverage bottling machine factory should insist on sustainable development. International Multi-National Corporation agreed that China will become the biggest beverage market in the world. This judgment satisfied the overall china beverage bottling machine industry.
At present, the beverage industry is in a stage of excess capacity. Traditional scale benefit bonus energy has been basically used. The growth rate of the entire industry converts the rate of growth type (volume) into the sales revenue growth oriented (quality) and both. In other words, they pay same attention to the quality and quantity. And they also control capacity expansion moderately.
China beverage bottling machine industry- system risk prevention.
The primary systemic risk is food safety. From the fruit juice Enterprise "rotten fruit door" to the "standard gate" of the mineral water enterprises, it shows that the food safety is not just refer to only two industry or two enterprise.
China? beverage bottling machine? factory should adhere to a concept that prevention first, early warning in the former. Once discovered the existence or potential food standards or food safety issues in the industry, the beverage bottling machine factory must solve it at once. If the issues related to industry, the factory should inform the association as soon as possible. And we can gather the power from industry, the government to solve the problem.
China beverage bottling machine industry- external environment friendly.
Though there is no a major event of quality and food safety events in beverage industry, the overall beverage bottling machine industry haven’t get ideal recognition in society. In other worlds, people haven’t believed the beverage industry. In particular, obesity, additives and other topics often linked to the beverage.

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