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Automatic high speed 2 in 1 beverage juice energy drink beer tin can filling machine line

Product Description
Beer Can Filling Sealing 2-1 Machine
Beer can filling-sealing 2-1 machine is a filling sealing 2 in 1 machine designed combined with the actual situation in our country after the introduction and absorption.
It adopts isobaric filling principle and filling valve adopts high precision mechanical valve. It has advantages of fast filling speed, high precision in liquid level and realizing that it only starts to filling when there is a can, otherwise it will stop filling. Using the device structure of filling valve precover device plus supporting can bottom device, it can guarantee the maximum stability of cans when they passing in and out of the filling machine. Filling cylinder braces use worm-gear box going up and down to satisfy cans of different height. Float switches in the filling cylinder ensure a smooth liquid inlet.
The main transmission adopts gear transmission belt and gear box type exposed drive combination with advantages of high efficiency, low noise and smooth operation. It adopts frequency conversion steeples speed regulation and is controlled by PLC industrial computers. Sealing machine and filling machine are connected by hooks coupling universal coupling to make sure them a same working pace.
Technical parameter
Filling heads
Capping heads
Suitable can
PET can,Aluminium can
Main motor power
Machine details
Filling heads
1. Material of filling valve: Stainless steel SUS316L. 2. Material of rotary tray and machine platform of rinser and filler: Stainless steel SUS304. 3. Main motor: ABB (Switzerland)/ SEW (Germany). 4.Sliding bearing: Igus (Germany).
Capping heads
1.Frequency inverter: MITSUBISHI (Japan). 2. Pneumatic components: CAMOZZI (Italy). 3).Seals: Busak+Shamban (U.S.A)/ SEALTECH (HK). 4).Photocell switch: Omron, Keyence, P+F (Japan /Germany). 5).Proximity switch: TURCK (Germany).
Flow chart

Control system
Main motor
Touch screen
Air-break switch
Proximity switch
Photoelectric switch
Air circuit system
Water pump
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The company's Water Treatment System used in electronics, electroplating,power plants, pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage and printing industries to provide high quality water, reverse osmosis pure water technology is the most advanced, most economical, the most effective system of water technology,which is the use of ultra-thin film reverse osmosis membrane by water pressure, so that the water seepage from the high levels of salt to reverse the process of low salinity. Can remove most of the harmful substances, heavy metals, solids can be capacitive, only water molecules can only end through a reverse osmosis membrane water.
Beverage Mixture Machine
The machine is made with the newest technology introduced from Japan.It is in the leading position comparing with similar products in China.The mixer is mainly suitable for mixing process of all kinds of carbonated drinks.It is also used in mixing of slurry drink,fermented drink and other drinks.
Can Depalletizer
1. It can replace the manual ways arrangement and traditional empty can unloading machine, saving a lot of           manpower and increasing production effects.   2. The pile feeding direction, can discharging direction and operation panel position of the machine can be flexibly changed according to user requirement.
Spray Washer
After overturn, the empty cans come into washer. And then through spurt and rinse of the hot water pipe, The cans turns 0.5 meters, the machine spray and sterilize to the inner and outer surface of cans during the can turn. After rinse finish, the cans roll in the conveyor chain.
Sleeve Labeling Machine
This machine adopts international advanced technology; cover the circle label on the pet bottle. And then hot shrinking to fix on the position which bottle body designated. This machine's structure is compact, and suitable for the production line of different direction and different height. The machinery part adopts combination designing of modularization, and makes the machine reasonable. The height adjustment adopts motor fluctuating; it is convenient to replace the material. The special cutter head designing, make the film-rolling cut more exactly and reliably.
Bottle Warming Colling Machine
This machine can reduce the temperature of hot filling drinks to 36 -40 ℃,or increase the temperature of cold filling carbonic acid drinks to 36-40℃. It is used in carbonated drinks,,hot tea drinks,juice drinks and production line. This machine can eliminate the condensed water on the external side of bottles ,keep bottle clean and dry. This makes bottles easier for labeling and package.
Can Dryer

This can dryer adopts high speed air knife principle to blow the bead away. The main parts of this equipment adopt stainless steel.
Liquid Level Detector

Liquid level detector is we design and manufacturer liquid level detector which reach to advanced technology. It utilizes the principle that ray intensity changes according to the measured material position after the interaction of low-energy photon source and measured material, so as to control detected liquid volume. This non-contact measuring method fundamentally solves the problem that regular weighing method can’t measure the capacity of bottled/canned liquid in the production line. Therefore, it is widely used for on-line automatic control of production line for bottled (no matter bottled or canned) liquid, in the field of food, medicine, chemicals,
weapons and ammunition.
Internal Pressure Detector
Pressure detector detects internal pressure of filled cans with nitrogen dosing drinks or carbonated drinks. It could detect the products quickly and eliminate unqualified ones and provide audible and visual alarm. While continuous unqualified products appear and eliminate happens, user knows there is something wrong with the preceding machines, the user could stop the preceding machines to reduce the loss.
Coding Machine
Ink-jet printed the date and batch number on the can.
Shrink Film Packing Machine
The machine is suitable for wrapping of such products as pop top, mineral water , bottles. beer, drinks etc. Working with PE film shrink tunnel to pack the goods perfectly , the whole production process adopts the Germany advanced technics, and the main parts are imported from international famous companies. It consists of seven actuating motor, through cooperation with 7 actuating motor to form the product packed with plastic film and several bottles as a group out from the hot shrinking packing machine.