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Automatic Disposable 3ply Face Mask Packing Machine

  • UT-KZP
  • U TECH
1. Knife seal mechanism: Rotary knife seal mechanism, 132 center distance (double knife), straight grain, coarse tooth knife seat length 180MM, knife seat 4 stripes. 2. Middle seal mechanism, the width of the support plate is 36MM. Three temperature-controlled large wheel type: paper drawing wheel vertical pattern, paper drawing wheel width is 8MM, pressing wheel is rice pattern, pressing width is 10MM. 3. The paper feed lever is ZW320ET basic paper feed lever. 4. Single support configuration of paper holding mechanism, paper holding tube is ZW320ET basic type. 5. Optional automatic film configuration. 6. The tailstock is a standard mid-mounted tailstock with a length of 2.54M; the width of the left and right movable panels is 250MM and the height is 25MM; the height of the left and right movable baffles is 23.5MM; . 7. The number of chain segments is 16 knots (200 pitches). The pushing block is ice cream pushing block, with a width of 13MM and an effective height of 25MM. Optional small charter commonly used pushing block chain (including nylon pushing block, ice cream pushing block and egg yolk pie pushing Piece). 8. The output is standard with a hair brush and the length is 540MM. 9. Knife seal sheet metal cover, touch screen is capacitive screen. 10. Packaging speed (pack / minute): 30 ~ 300;Bag size (mm) length 60-350; width 35-160; height 5-60; packaging film width 90-400. 11. Single-phase power supply 220V 50HZ; total power 6.5KW; overall weight 400KG; overall dimensions 1730 ×930 × 1370mm.

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